InfraCore IPInfraCore IP owns and manages all patents, brands and know-how of the InfraCore® technology worldwide. The company makes the InfraCore® technology available under license to partners in a wide range of sectors, such as infrastructure, maritime, offshore,  energy and (aerospace) industry. Partners that meet InfraCore’s quality requirements qualify themselves as Certified Manufacturer InfraCore® Inside.

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FiberCore Europe is the specialist and worldwide market leader in robust load bearing FRP structures for the infrastructure market. With the InfraCore® technology, FiberCore Europe produces extremely strong prefab FRP bridges, lock gates and bridge decks. The company has proven itself and the InfraCore® technology with over 1000 (eurocode) bridges and lock gates in many countries. Internationally, the company works closely with her agents. FiberCore Europe is based in Rotterdam/NL.

Canadian Mat Systems is a leading manufacturer of temporary structural foundation panels (mats). These panels are used to support operational activity in areas of low weight bearing soil conditions. Canadian Mat Systems brings over 30 years of construction excellence and mats experience in oilfield access technologies and matting systems. We are partner with our customers to create effective, safe operations; to make the communities we work in better; to minimize the impact on local cultures and reduce our environmental footprint. Canadian Mat Systems is based in Edmonton/CAN.

Orenco Composites is a division of Orenco Systems®. The company has been manufacturing strong, water-resistant FRP-products for more than 30 years. The company’s engineers are internationally recognized experts in the fields of FRP product development and manufacturing. Research, product development, engineering, and sales support are handled out of a 26-acre facility in Sutherlin/USA. Orenco’s three state-of-the-art production facilities include over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

SIS is a unique organisation focused on delivering sustainable infrastructure projects for diversified clients around the world. With over 20 years experience in the sustainable product space, SIS are also market leaders in delivering sustainable alternatives to customers in the Civil Infrastructure, Building & Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining, Aviation, Aquaculture, Marine & Ports, Transport & Logistics and Agriculture market sectors. Drawing on strategic distribution capabilities with headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia and distribution partnerships in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, SIS also has manufacturing partnerships in Australia, China, North America and Europe. Our company is financially strong, total quality oriented, technically advanced, and customer focused.

CMSI Infrastructure is a InfraCore® Inside manufacturer with exclusive rights for manufacturing and distributing InfraCore® bridges in the Canadian market. CMSI will use the patented InfraCore® technology to manufacture the bridges for the Canadian market to the exacting standards used by InfraCore’s other international partners including FiberCore Europe.

CMSI produces bridges, composite mat solutions and bridge decks of advanced FRP material. We do this with our team of engineers and manufacturing specialists. We build the bridges in our factory in Edmonton Alberta, and deliver them prefab to the construction sites nationwide. We are your partner in bridges from A to Z.

Our planet’s survival depends on a sustainable energy future. Existing technologies create progress towards this goal, but to accelerate the energy transition we must unlock additional sustainable energy such as from wind power at high altitudes. The Ampyx Power Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) with a tethered aircraft accesses the higher and more powerful winds above 200 m, requiring much less material to construct, smaller foundation, and infrastructure. AWES has huge potential to be a very cost-effective way to harvesting wind energy by increasing the usability of deployment sites for off-shore re-powering, deep off-shore and remote on-shore. By developing innovative, elegant and material-reducing solutions, Ampyx Power is leading the way in meeting tomorrow’s energy demands.