InfraCoreInfraCore Holding and its subsidiaries have the mission of promoting the use of FRP (composite) in structural applications where durability, weight and robustness are important preconditions. The unique InfraCore® technology is the distinctive element in this.

FiberCore Europe focuses on the infrastructure market with the production and delivery of FRP bridges, bridge decks and lock gates. Within InfraCore Company new product market combinations are investigated and explored, independently or through partnerships with third parties. The patents and patents are housed in InfraCore IP. From here, international production and knowledge licenses are concluded.

With the InfraCore® technology, FiberCore Europe produces extremely strong prefab FRP bridges, lock gates and bridge decks for the infrastructure. Internationally, the company works closely with its agents.

InfraCore Company develops new applications based on the worldwide patented InfraCore® technology. The focus is on constructive shipbuilding, offshore, industry and energy.

InfraCore IP owns and manages all patents and know-how of the InfraCore® technology worldwide. The company licenses the InfraCore® technology to partners in emerging sectors.